Frequently Asked Questions

Players looking for both club/comp team tryouts or recreational level team opportunities can simply contact us at for information guiding players to 8 Stars Club teams, Wasilla Warriors Comp teams, Palmer Moose Comp teams, Colony Knights Comp teams, BattleGrounds Comp teams or Ignite recreational teams.

Getting your child to play basketball at a young age not only encourages exercise, but serves as a foundation for healthy active lifestyles later in life. Physical benefits include development of basic coordination, social benefits include learning team-building skills, and exposure to consistent social interaction with peers. For information on getting your player involved, visit us at

The most common age for competitive youth basketball players to start basketball specific skills training in Alaska is 2nd/3rd grade. For a parents guide to opportunities for players at beginner, intermediate and advanced level visit us at for more information.

*The vast majority of Alaska 8 Stars Club players start with 2 days of skills training per week starting in second grade, and advance to 3-4 days per week by 4th/5th grade.

Exposure is synonymous with opportunities, in the lexicon of elite basketball players. When a player gets “exposure”, they are presumed to be coveted and therefore going to be pursued by those providing opportunities to play beyond high school.

Exposure can be sought through organized events, camps, clinics, services, travel teams. It should be noted that just because events, camps, clinics, or travel teams bill themselves as a way to get “exposure” does not mean your player will actually receive opportunities. For more information on vetting opportunities offered to your player visit us at

A travel team is usually a top youth sports team in their local area that seeks more advanced competition. Usually part of a private club, not a recreational league or school affiliate.

A circuit travel team is a reference to the “shoe circuit”. There are three major shoe circuits; Nike EYBL, Adidas 3SSB, and Under Armour UAA. Each circuit provides invited programs a guaranteed spot in the coveted NCAA Live viewing period tournaments.

For information on how you can be considered for AK Rivals United message us at

Yes, though it depends on the state, Alaska School Activities Associate does not currently regulate elementary, middle school or junior high school participation of student athletes.

Yes, players that participate on competitive basketball teams can participate on recreational basketball teams throughout the year as scheduling allows. That means you can only participate with one team during the Friday night comp league. But you could play with a different team in the Saturday league. For more information on getting your player plugged into opportunities visit us at